Success Mountain or Death Valley

Which direction are you leading your people? Successfully coach your team to the top with integrity and empowerment. Find balance between work and home.

If your staff members drew a picture of a mountain and placed an “X” where they thought they were professionally, how far up the mountain would they be? How do you, as a manager, help them achieve professional success? How can they apply the tools you give them to their personal lives?

The “Success Mountain” program applies to both managers and the entire staff. It provides managers with coaching tools they need to help employees set goals and find a healthy balance in their busy schedules. Employees will gain an understanding of the benefits of goal setting, finding the balance between home and work, and communicating with co-workers and supervisors.

Specific tools participants take home include an analysis of each individual’s current priorities and an understanding of how to balance these priorities for a more healthy and productive lifestyle. The program also emphasizes the importance of communication in the workplace and provides managers and employees alike with advanced communication techniques that make that trip up the mountain seem like a walk in the park. Watch your employees soar like an eagle after attending “Success Mountain”!

For more information on this program, please contact Stacy.