Behold the Turtle

He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out. The greatest risk in life is not taking one at all. Learn to be successful at taking risks and making decisions in your life.

This presentation delivers the message that the greatest risk in life is not taking one at all. Every day we are faced with challenges and choices. Some may seem risky, but in order to win the race we must be willing to calculate our risk and make educated decisions. Everyone can find it easy to hide in a shell, but it takes courage to stick your neck out. Stacy will share some of her personal experiences and the calculated risks she has taken to make a difference in her business, her personal life, and in her community. For those who have difficulty making decisions she will talk and walk you through an innovative decision making process. You will find out you already have the tools necessary to make great decisions! Stacy’s humor and injections of personal experiences will have you entertained and inspired to take on the risks to achieve your dreams.

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