Going the Extra Mile

“No Passing” up this program for your business.There are no traffic jams in the extra mile of life. Drive your team to high quality customer service.

Is your road under construction when it comes to customer service? This customer service program demonstrates how your employees can avoid traffic jams while going the extra mile for your customers. Stacy will take you down the road to success by turning your customers into advocates for your business. Stacy uses a D.O.T. analogy to help your employees understand what it takes to provide truly outstanding customer service. This program is packed with interactive group activities that will ensure the techniques Stacy teaches will be retained long after the presentation. Learn the top ten customer service habits, how to handle difficult situations with ease, and how to make your customer feel like they are your top priority. We should all want to be the pilot car on our business road. Any business can benefit from this program, and your employees will be motivated and ready to go the extra mile to help your business succeed!

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